A robotic medical orthosis.


Want to be part of the movement?

Do you have knee challenges and would like to get involved and are located in San Francisco?


Are you experiencing a diminished quality of life because of some limitation around walking, stair climbing or other activities limited by your knee? Are you interested in helping us address this problem? Are you available and able to come to our office in San Francisco in the next couple of weeks?

Who are we? We're a startup in San Francisco looking to help everyone go beyond their boundaries. For those with bad knees, that means getting back to the activities that support a good quality of life -- like walking up and down stairs, like being able to go to work, etc.

Please complete the form to see if you qualify. If so, at the conclusion of the engagement, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. More importantly, you'll be contributing to the efforts to provide millions of patients the ability to move again.

This device is not yet FDA approved or FDA cleared.

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Hindered by limitations?


Our bodies are made up of joints and muscles to provide us the ability to move. Sometimes we exceed our limits and those joints and muscles get injured. When that happens to our knees, it may hurt and hinder us.

We wince from the pain of bearing weight, walking up stairs becomes difficult, and sometimes we even lose stability in the knee, causing us to stumble or fall. We want to regain mobility safely and with less pain because we’re meant to be mobile.

Being mobile means not only continuing to go to work, attending your kid’s baseball game, and taking out the trash -- it also means avoiding risks from not moving enough — such as weight gain, muscle atrophy, degradation of heart and brain health, and diminished emotional well-being.


Tried other alternatives?


Current available options to address knee injuries include injections, pain medications, rehab, assistive devices, even surgery. Injections and rehab require frequent inconvenient visits. Pain medications have side effects, one of which is possible addiction.

Surgeries, if you qualify, have a limited lifetime and sometimes may even result in repeat surgeries. Assistive devices like canes, crutches, or wheelchairs, are typically used alongside a brace and designed to restrict movement during recovery.


What if…

We wanted to provide a better way to get back to what we are meant to do. We started with the idea that we could provide a brace to help with mobility in an affordable way. We wanted to provide something that safely gives users a path to safe mobility with less pain. What if that existed?


This device is not yet FDA approved or FDA cleared.


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