Everything you need to know to use Elevate

Congrats! Here’s all the info you need in one spot. If for whatever reason you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just email us (cs@roamrobotics.com) or call us at (240) 249-7627!


Before your reservation

  • Review your reservation email (subject line “Roam Booking Confirmation”) to confirm your details

  • Here’s a link to the fitting instructions

  • Remember to have your ski boots & ski pants when meeting your Roam Host (needed for fitting)

  • Here’s a link frequently asked questions

  • If you need to change anything (e.g., rental date, time, etc.), just email us (cs@roamrobotics.com) or call us at (240) 249-7627!

Skiing with Elevate

Roam 2018 Mt.Rose-40 copy small.jpg

You are one of the first to experience a commercial exoskeleton, so we wanted to explain a little bit more about what to expect.  

  • The Elevate is a new, unique device that is designed to learn autonomously and enhance your skiing. Due to the complex nature and newness of this product, one of our Roam hosts will ski with you for 2-3 “learning runs” to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the device.  Then, if logistically possible, we suggest that you ski with them throughout the day to ensure a positive experience. 

  • During this first season, Elevate is currently optimized for the following conditions:

    • Groomed, corduroy runs

    • In-bounds

    • Wide sweeping turns

  • You are welcome to ski more advanced terrain, but it is currently not fine-tuned for:

    • Double-black diamonds

    • Variable conditions like moguls or ice

    • Terrain parks or jumps

  • Please let us know if that doesn’t meet your expectations and we’d be happy to speak in person.

An Elevate Mini-Guide with our contact information and answers to some frequently asked questions will be inside your waist-belt zippered pocket for quick reference.


At the end your day with Elevate

Take off Elevate & pack the device into the configuration shown above

Take off Elevate & pack the device into the configuration shown above

  • Remember to carry and return the device as shown

  • Refer to your “Roam Booking Confirmation” email for drop-off instructions


If you need to reach us at any time, please email us (cs@roamrobotics.com) or call  (240) 249-7627!