Know club members who wish to ski longer but have bad knees?

Find out how Elevate, a robotic ski XO, could help your members and your ski club.



The Elevate robotic Ski XO is designed to boost your quad strength, giving you more control while reducing muscle fatigue and knee joint pressure (typically associated with pain and discomfort).

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User Benefits


Boost your quad strength for more control, stronger turns, and longer runs.


Give your knees a break. By taking weight off your joints, the device improves your ski experience while reducing fatigue.


Improve knee stability and prevent normal wear and tear by lifting loads off the knee.


How Elevate Works


Sensors and smart software on the exoskeleton anticipate your intent and automatically adjust torque at your knee via air actuators, effectively mimicking and strengthening your quad muscles. The device is fully adjustable and always follows your body’s lead, so you are always in control.

Enjoy Elevate on groomed corduroy runs, in-bounds terrain, and wide sweeping turns. It does not assist with moguls, ice, terrain parks, jumps, acceleration or speed enhancement. The Elevate won’t ski for you, but it will keep you on the slopes longer.


the ski club referral program


At Roam, we are introducing a Clinician Referral Program which rewards both clients and clinicians.


Club Member Benefits

  • Extend ski careers who suffer from knee discomfort or fatigue.

  • Discounted Elevate rental rates.

  • Support recovery and return to snow.

  • Provide alternative options for athletes to incrementally increase joint support during skiing.

  • Opportunity to influence the future of skiing.


Ski Club Benefits

  • Offer a solution for members, who despite rehab therapy or bracing are not able to enjoy skiing. 

  • Earn a meaningful referral fee.

  • Get your clients back on the snow. 

  • Extend your clients ski career.

  • Encourage skiing as part of recovery program [life solution]. 

  • Drive traffic into your practice.

  • Co-marketing promotional efforts, online/social media promotions.


How the Program Works

  1. Indicate interest by filling out the form here or clicking the “Let’s Partner” button below

  2. Roam will answer any questions and give a unique custom referral code.

  3. You share information and referral code with members who would benefit.

  4. If members completes rental of device both you and the client get rewarded with prearranged discount and/or referral fee.


More about elevate


Elevate Designers

Designed and manufactured by Roam. A San Franscisco based company consisting of a group of creative engineers and designers who build ground breaking products to get more people moving. We are revolutionizing what humans are capable of by putting people at the center of our designs. Collectively the management has more than 30 years of experience in medical devices and robotics.


User Testimonials

“I skied like my knees were how they used to be in my twenties.”— Lisa

“Best part is that I don’t feel the pressure in my knees.”— Toni

“It felt like I was floating on the snow.” — Francine


Physician Feedback

“We saw a significant reduction in pain scores (65%) and muscle activation (25%) among 10 patients who used Elevate in a controlled study.”

- Dr. Rowan Paul,

Regenerative Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Head Team Physician SF Ballet Consultant Oakland Athletics

“As a medical advisor and product tester for ROAM, I have seen a rapid improvement in hardware and software development with the Elevate exoskeleton as a skiing-specific assistive device. I have personal noticed less fatigue, longer days with quality runs and less soreness when employing this product at even half of its available power. At 160lbs, i’m right in the middle. It is clear this product will be able to accommodate a range of body weights and will surely be a valuable asset for worn or painful knees.”

- Gabe Metzger

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Owner of Tahoe Laser and Performance Therapy



  • In market since 2018

  • 65 unique users, 500+ hrs of skiing, and 0 injuries

  • Rigorous crash and impact testing

  • User age range - 19 yrs to 70 yrs

  • User types - ACL or MCL injuries, Knee Osteoarthritis, Quad Paresis


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