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Roam 2018 Mt.Rose-104 copy small.jpg

People Are Talking


People Are Talking


Wearing this device is a lot of fun! Here's what some of our early testers have to say.

I skied like my knees were how they used to be in my twenties.
— Lisa
It felt like I was floating on the snow.
— Francine
Best part is that I don’t feel the pressure in my knees
— Toni
It’s going to offer you freedom. It’s going to offer you better life choices”
— Carl
When I did my turns, I wasn’t putting any effort in...I didn’t change anything, but my legs felt really strong...It just gave me the power.
— Claire, Entrepreneur, 46
You can ride slopes you haven’t before. It’s like you are the ‘Terminator’ on the slopes
— Mathias, Diplomat, 39
I felt the power and energy as I held the edge on turns - which is what makes skiing fun for me
— Martin, Industrial Designer, 38
The worst part of it was when I turned the device off and couldn’t feel the support anymore
— Colette B., Ski & Dance Instructor, 27